Questions (FAQ)

What’s the area you cover?

The entire state of Baja California Sur… and any special requirements will also be honored.

Can you officiate our ceremony in our resort?

Yes, my ceremonies can take place in your resort, beach or villa.

How far ahead do we need to reserve your services?

As soon as you have the date and place of your wedding. This can be months, weeks or days ahead.

What’s the difference between a symbolic ceremony and an ancestral one?

The symbolic ceremony is an opportunity to pick the theme that better suits the couple: a religious or non religious oriented ceremony, even a special ritual ceremony. This includes exchange of vows and rings and a special message delivered by the minister.

The ancestral ceremony is a unique and magical experience. It is carried the way our Mexican ancestors united their lives centuries ago. It is also an entirely spiritual ceremony where I carry beautiful dynamics involving the couple and guests, ancestral music and chants.

Are the ceremonies legal?

Ceremonies are symbolic, but I am a certified minister by The Universal Life Church Ministries.

What are your opinions on marriage?

To me, marriage is the beginning of two souls uniting and it goes beyond their signatures on a piece of paper; it is a moment where two souls allow themselves to step ahead and reinforce their union for Life.

Do we get an official certificate?

Yes, a symbolic certificate from The Universal Life Church Ministries is presented to you with the symbolic ceremony; as for the ancestral ceremony I present you with an spiritual certificate.

Cabo is the ideal venue for couples thinking of a destination wedding.


A symbolic wedding ceremony gives you the opportunity to express your personality, your tastes and your values, such as a traditional wedding ceremony, religious ceremony, spiritual ceremony, vows renewal or a special request.


The Universal Life Church Ministries